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Sunrise over Millerton Lake
Mar 25, 2016

Will USBR give Valley farmers another goose egg?1

California farmers fear another zero water allocation from the feds....More
Mar 23, 2016

Timing all wrong for new water ballot initiative3

California’s agricultural diversity is the envy of the world. It’s also its Achilles Heel. Getting all of the state’s agricultural....More
Adult Asian citrus psyllid feeding on a citrus leaf.
Mar 16, 2016

Is HLB close to making its San Joaquin Valley debut?

How close is the San Joaquin Valley to finding its first case of citrus greening disease?....More
Mar 14, 2016

My train of thought has left the station

How do smart people parrot lies with a straight face?....More
California cotton
Mar 11, 2016

California is well-represented in U.S. cotton industry

American cotton industry continues to work hard on improving its brand as producer of high quality fiber....More
Shasta Dam
Mar 07, 2016

California gets one more chance to store more water1

California gets one more chance to store more water....More
Rain on windshield
Mar 01, 2016

El Niño: Better late than never

California weather forecasters getting excited about open storm door. Let's hope they're right....More
Agriculture: Because Starvation Sucks
Feb 29, 2016

State fails to store water while demanding conservation4

State of California continues to waste billions of gallons of water as drought continues....More
Sacramento Capitol Building
Feb 19, 2016

Can California find a common voice on water?2

Can California find a common voice on water?....More
Cooperative Extension programs
Feb 15, 2016

Boosting scientific literacy key to good public policy

New University of California Ag and Natural Resources vice president plans to boost scientific literacy among the general public and policy makers by....More
Feb 12, 2016

Rain barrels solution to California’s water crisis?4

Shopping in Orchard Supply Hardware recently, I could only shake my head when I spotted a new display. Where the store prominently features seasonal....More
Barbecues and football parties are synonymous
Feb 04, 2016

What would Super Bowl be without the farmer?

Farmers will feed millions of Super Bowl parties this weekend....More
Feb 03, 2016

Growers ‘dancing in their orchards’ - maybe not just yet

I sometimes wonder about the accuracy of the weather forecasts from meteorologists. I checked with Internet god ‘Mr. Google’ and couldn....More
Overwintering bee hives in Central California
Jan 31, 2016

Agricultural losses add up as crooks profit2

Thieves continue to steal truckloads of tree nuts and bee hives in California....More
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