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Jul 31, 2013

Buffalo bone fertilizer — forgotten days of agriculture

There was once a source of agricultural fertilizer considered too abundant to ever run out — buffalo bones. They lasted all of 20 years....More
Jul 31, 2013

Farmers return fire at Panera Bread Company

Panera Bread Company recently garnered heavy return fire on Twitter and elsewhere after the company posted some over-the-top insinuations about the....More
Jul 30, 2013

Do regulators really believe what they say?

California has much to celebrate when it comes to agriculture, and not simply the billions of dollars in gross farm receipts or the over $100 billion....More
Jul 30, 2013

Agriculture's next big challenge and social media1

Media is the next big challenge for agriculture as we figure out ways to communicate with and listen to our customers....More
Jul 29, 2013

Agriculture waiting on Silicon Valley moment1

Agriculture technology has flown under the investment radar for a long while; but no more. A new breed of investors have burst out of the gate — eyes....More
Jul 26, 2013

Re-inventing a Central Coast wine grape vineyard

Over the last few days, I have travelled hundreds of miles zigzagging across farm regions in several California Central Coast counties as the....More
Jul 26, 2013

I don't pick it, pull it, pluck it, plow it or plant it1

I am not a farmer. I did not grow up on a farm. I was not raised in a barn....More
Jul 25, 2013

How do we promote ag by the numbers?1

Fresno County, Calif. farmers grossed more than $6.5 billion from the sale of their commodities in 2012, a little short of their $6.8 billion record....More
Jul 25, 2013

“On the Road on the Central Coast” – wine grape update

Wednesday (July 24) was another exciting day (Day Two) on the Central Coast as this Western Farm Press editor visited with several wine grape....More
Jul 24, 2013

Brad Kelley, the farm boy with 1 million acres3

Brad Kelley grew up on a small farm — and now owns 1 million acres. He is fourth on the list of private U.S. landholders. Most Americans have never....More
Jul 24, 2013

On The Road - California’s Central Coast

Agriculture is alive and well on the California Central Coast. I am behind the steering wheel this week traveling across several coastal counties....More
Jul 23, 2013

Peaches should not go crunch1

Peaches should not go crunch. Unfortunately, I have bitten into far too many peaches of late that snapped like an apple. And most were too small to....More
Jul 23, 2013

PETA pitches nonsense over baseball-fish tale

The environmental activist organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is up to its ‘slick willy’ shenanigans again....More
Jul 17, 2013

Pigeon racing the new sport of kings2

Pigeons are the new thoroughbreds in China and everyone has taken notice — breeders in Europe and even the feed industry in the United States....More
Jul 16, 2013

Farmer guilty of defending family with shotgun2

Liberty takes a heck of a beating when a farmer can’t defend his family and property from thieves. In an upside legal world — the victim becomes the....More
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