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Ag's diminishing patience could hurt political races


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  • Agricultural donations to Republican races could dry on the vine over immigration issues


We see it in California with the drought situation. I don’t have to repeat what this is all about. Growers are frustrated over much the same political inaction and mismanaged priorities in the water debate as they are with immigration reform. Like the long-standing calls from agriculture over the need for reliable, sustainable sources of water storage for urban, agricultural and environmental uses, agriculture has been asking Congress for comprehensive immigration reform for years. However, like all congressional promises, they are made to be broken and ignored.

At the heart of the matter is a class of people who seem to have garnered considerable attention from the political overlords for a much different reason, which makes the politics convoluted and the issues that much more difficult to deal with. It seems as if the political ruling class has chosen against agriculture, which is likely why Nassif is forced into making such statements.

While farmers and Latino farmworkers are accused of being arch-enemies, the fact is they benefit from each other. This common dependency is no more apparent and recognized than at the recent water rallies in California voices are united and the calls for action clear.

The irony is that California agriculture has done more to provide stable employment opportunities and a much-improved standard of living for Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise, than any political program dreamed up in an office in Washington D.C. or Sacramento.


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