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Agriculture apocalypse just around bend, again


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  • The apocalypse cult keeps the doomsday clock permanently set at three minutes to midnight — whether it’s a population bomb, asteroid impact, disease pandemic, or agricultural breakdown.

End of the world forecasts are often toe-tagged with gleeful expectation. It’s the hope that an asteroid might actually crash into the United States and mash half the country into oblivion. Or the hope that modern agricultural practices will collapse inward and cripple the world’s food supply.  Followers of the “apocalypse cult” would never make such morbid admissions, but when wrapped up in a tight embrace with gloom and doom — it can be pretty hard to tell who is doing the hugging.

How and when will the world end? The Atlantic tossed the question to a “distinguished” group of thinkers, authors and scientists. Many of the answers were reasoned, or intentionally humorous, but a few of the responses were candidates for the apocalypse cult.

• From author Deepak Chopra: “The end of the world will come about as a result of the misunderstanding that we and the world are separate. Tidal waves will flood coastal landmasses, resulting in millions of refugees, violence, warfare, and chaos. The Earth will become a boiling cauldron. The human experiment will have failed.”

(A real apocalypse might involve all of mankind actually being forced to read Chopra’s books.)

• From psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker: “By the time the sun becomes a red giant and eats the Earth, mankind will have evolved to realize that the only reality is consciousness, and that consciousness is rooted in the quantum world. This will give us miraculous spiritual power over the objective world and transform us into super-beings capable of bending the laws of physics and living within the sun itself.”

(Hamilton-Parker sounds like he may already be a member in a variety of cults.)

• From journalist and environmentalist Bill McKibben: “In a sense, the world as we knew it is already over. We have heated the Earth, melted the Arctic, and turned seawater 30 percent more acidic. The only question left is how much more fossil fuel we’ll burn, and hence how unfamiliar and inhospitable we’ll make our home planet.”

(Pulled straight from the “We did it to ourselves” boilerplate archive.)

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kevin89 (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2014

I think the government should create an effective system where the farmers can directly reach the officials and fix their problems immediately. In addition, the government should fix an average price for their crop grains and also reduce their tax payment.
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Anonymous (not verified)
on Apr 18, 2014

Nice article, Chris. But just to clarify, you're suggesting that there are no limits to anything, correct? That, say, 100 billion humans would be fine and dandy? Look out your window next time it rains...what color is the water? How about the water table under your feet?

on Apr 18, 2014

No limits to anything? I'm not suggesting that, period. I simply don't believe the end is nigh. It's one thing to call for needed change; quite another to screech about the end of days.

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