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INSV again found in coastal malva 3
A survey of winter weeds on California’s Central Coast early this year again showed impatiens necrotic spot virus
California land value recovery
Signs of stability are emerging in California farmland values, hinting at a slow economic recovery, although 2009 was
Tackling Vert wilt lettuce puzzle
With Verticillium wilt now infecting more than 2,200 acres of lettuce ground in California’s Salinas and Pajaro
White rot research in alliums
The California garlic and onion industry remains under threat from white rot, a devastating fungal pathogen of allium
IYSV management in alliums
Management of iris yellow spot virus (IYSV), a global disease of onions and other allium crops spreading through
IPM strategy for TSWV
University of California researchers have come up with a three-step, IPM approach to managing tomato spotted wilt virus
USDA's improved raisin cultivars
USDA breeders, aiming to improve the bottom line of the California raisin industry, are developing a new generation of
Preventing insecticide resistance
“No matter what we spray or how often, resistance to pesticides is something we need to watch for and manage to prevent
Grasses linked to vert wilt
Verticillium wilt infections accelerated in lettuce fields during the 2009 season in the Salinas and Pajaro valleys of
Malva's role in INSV spread
Malva, or cheeseweed, may play a role as a reservoir host in the spread of impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) in
Chateau effective on alfalfa weeds
Chateau SW herbicide performed well against broadleaf weeds in University of California trials on established alfalfa
New Lindcove CTV plan
The advent of increased virulent strains of citrus tristeza virus (CTV) in the San Joaquin Valley has prompted new
Best alfalfa variety selections
Don’t select an alfalfa variety like you would a discount-priced entree from a restaurant menu, recommends Shannon
Postemergent herbicide vine spraying
There’s much more to effective postemergent weed control in California vineyards than identifying the weed species,
Citrus industry gears up for HLB
The California Citrus Research Board (CRB) has mounted an aggressive, three-pronged campaign to repel the devastating
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