This is an interesting year for forages to say the least. Prices are at record high levels in many states, but dairies have found it difficult going as a result, and costs have gone up considerably for hay producers and dairy producers alike.

There are many challenges in the farming community, and there is strong interest in alfalfa, corn silage, and alternative forage crops.  Growers and industry members are very interested in new products and ideas for saving money.  This conference features about 35 speakers from many states who will present some of the latest information on economics, pest management, irrigation & soils, quality, utilization and genetics.

There are special sessions on corn silage/alternative forages, forage quality, and on Roundup Ready and genetically-engineered crops. A pre-conference agricultural tour, demonstrating field production will take place on Dec. 11, the Forage conference on Dec 12-13, at the Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas. A  biofuels workshop to explore biofuel possibilities in Western states will take place on Dec. 13. 50-60 exhibitors focused on alfalfa & forage crops (alfalfa, corn silage, miscellaneous hays and biofuels) are expected.

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This conference is organized by the Cooperative Extension Services of 11 Western states.