In last month’s Western Farm Press I was happy to see Harry Cline receive an honorary High Cotton Award at the Beltwide Conference in San Antonio. I’ve known Harry for nearly 40 years and I learned a lot from him. As a freelancer I was amazed at his knowledge of cotton and whatever other crops he wrote about.

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In 2008 I was surprised to see a column that Harry devoted to alfalfa, including its benefits and how to keep CAFA going. He put it this way: “Every hay grower, hay trucker, custom harvester, hay broker, seed producer, hay harvesting/handling equipment manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, tarp makers and pole barn contractors, dairyman and any one else associated with California forage production should be a CAFA member ... If you’re involved in any way with the California alfalfa production, you should be a CAFA member. It behooves you to support your industry.”

Harry has done his share of keeping the alfalfa industry in the news and CAFA appreciates his efforts over the years. That’s the good news. But there’s also another side. The Feb. 2 Western Farm Press announced that Harry “will be retiring soon.” I’ve worked with Cary Blake, who takes Harry’s position, and Cary is an excellent editor. Harry will work on certain programs until the end of this year, but I’ll bet you see him doing what he loves to do. That and the Dallas Cowboys will keep him busy for a long time.