From Hay & Forage Grower:

Nearly a quarter of Hay & Forage Grower readers surveyed earlier this month have planted or will plant Roundup Ready alfalfa on new hay or haylage acres this year. Of those who aren't planting the transgenic crop, nearly a third cited that they aren't planting any alfalfa. Some said that they were planting alfalfa-grass mixes that Roundup can't be used with or that they'd bought seed before Roundup Ready alfalfa was back on the market.

The email survey was a small one – about 500 readers responded to the question about whether they'll plant the transgenic alfalfa.

At least 45% of those who will plant Roundup Ready alfalfa will seed more than 50% of their new acreage to the crop. Nearly 15% of growers will plant less than 10% of new seedings to the biotech crop and 18% will seed 10-20% of new acreage to it. Nearly 8% of growers will seed 21-30% of acreage; more than 4%, 31-40%; and 9.5%, 41-50%.

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