One of several issues on the CFS website is an important topic: Labeling. In California, Prop 37 will be a major headache if it’s voted in, and would then require labeling of GMOs for raw or processed foods. On the surface to many people, labeling is probably a relatively small change. But Dr. Harry Miller, a fellow at Stanford’s University Hoover Institution, has a much different outlook on Prop. 37 that will open some eyes.

In the Aug. 22 San Francisco Chronicle opinion page, Miller calls Prop 37 a “scheme” written by trial lawyers who “hope for a windfall.” He went on to say that it gives us something we don’t need, a “new bureaucracy” with “large loopholes and higher grocery bills.” Miller, founding director of the Biotechnology Office at the Food and Drug Administration, noted that, “Genetically engineered foods have been determined to be safe in more than 400 studies.” To take it even further, there hasn’t been a documented illness after 3 trillion servings.

A UCLA molecular biologist, who is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, told the Chronicle that “credible” scientists working on GMOs call it safe. GMO food safety is also approved by organizations like the World Health Organization, American Medical Association and the National Academy of Sciences.